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For Attorneys, Corporations, and Individuals who are Considering Working with a Trial Consultant

     Beginning with the Sophists in ancient Greece, trial consultants have served trial advocates and litigants for over 2,000 years. However, the modern profession of trial consulting is still relatively new to lawyers, to the court system, and to the public. Although many trial attorneys and their clients who have worked with skilled trial consultants understand much about trial consultants, their qualifications, and their abilities, some people are understandably interested in such issues as: "Do trial consultants benefit our judicial system or do they unfairly influence it?", or "How do I know whether my case can benefit from the services of a trial consultant?", or "How do I identify the trial consultant who can best benefit our trial team?".

     This section of our web site is designed to provide some answers to these and other related questions. You can always contact us with any inquiries that you have.

Trial Consultants and Our Judicial System

Could Your Case Benefit From the Services of a Trial Consultant?

Which Trial Consultant Is Best For Your Case?

Maximizing Your Work with a Trial Consultant

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