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Could Your Case Benefit From the Services of a Trial Consultant?

     Trial consultants can provide many services that can help you to enhance the quality of your work as a trial attorney or as general counsel to a company. The benefit will depend on many factors, the most important of which are the characteristics or your needs in a particular situation and the ability of a particular trial consultant to meet your needs.

     The most common services requested of us are:

  • Accurately assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a litigant's position in a case from the perspectives of a judge, a jury, or an arbitration panel;

  • Making reliable and creative recommendations for persuading a judge, jury, or arbitration panel in a particular case;

  • Conducting a scientific focus group, mock trial, or simulated arbitration panel research;

  • Training witnesses to be effective in telling the truth;

  • Developing an effective jury selection strategy;

  • Creating useful written pre-trial juror questionnaires and evaluating the responses;

  • Assisting a trial team during jury selection; and

  • Observing a trial in progress and making useful recommendations to a trial team during trial
     In our experience, professional trial consultants who have substantial training and experience in all these services are the most helpful. When a litigant is faced with an upcoming trial, rarely are the litigant's needs limited to only one phase of trial preparation.

     Working with a trial consultant who is trained and skilled in all aspects of the psychology of trial advocacy is the most helpful and beneficial. They can add objectivity and insights that are quite valuable to a litigant and trial team.

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