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Career Opportunities with The Advocates

          The people who work at The Advocates are simply the best and brightest trial consultants and trial science support staff in our profession. The culture in our firm is challenging and exciting. We are proud to work with men and women who are trained in trial advocacy and scientific research and who place service to our clients and service to each other above themselves. Each of the people on our professional staff are dedicated to the success of the attorneys and litigation clients we serve.

          Over the years, the success of The Advocates can be traced to one principle: We provide creative and reliable solutions to litigation problems that meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations.

          The board of directors and professional staff of The Advocates have made a number of commitments to trial attorneys, corporate counsel, our clients, the judicial system, and the public. These commitments are:

  • To use the most reliable and professional scientific methods in helping trial attorneys, corporate counsel, and our clients to maximize their effectiveness in the trial advocacy process;

  • To strictly adhere to the ethical and practice standards promulgated by the legal, scientific, and research organizations to which members of our professional staff belong;

  • To consistently adhere to the legal principles in the American judicial system;

  • To help trial attorneys find new and creative ways to be effective in their roles as trial advocates;

  • To never promise more than we can deliver.

     With this introduction to our company, it should be clear that the people who work with The Advocates must have special qualifications. Otherwise, we are not able to meet our important commitments.

     Each year, we receive more than 1,000 inquiries from professional people who have achieved many objectives in their lives and would like to find out more about working with us.

     The professional people who have joined our team have exhibited the following qualities that are required to be successful in our work:

  • Sound business judgment;

  • Natural leadership skills;

  • Professional conduct and self confidence under the most stressful circumstances that litigation can produce;

  • Substantial experience in working with trial attorneys in the courtroom

  • Spontaneous self-motivation to succeed;

  • Extraordinary capacity for compassion and understanding;

  • Thirst for learning;

  • Personal drive to constantly improve professional skills;

  • Personal integrity;

  • Readiness to commit to hard work in helping our clients and our other staff members to succeed;

  • Honest humility; and

  • A good sense of humor.

     If you believe that you are ready for the challenge with America’s most successful jury and trial consulting team, please take the time to learn more about positions within The Advocates.

     Please select the category that interests you the most.

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