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Diversity Within The Advocates

Important to Our Firm and Our Clients

     The professional people within The Advocates and Advocacy Sciences, Inc., our parent company, have established a strong commitment to the idea, and the ideals, of diversity in the work place. More than 15 years ago, our board members — progressive, forward-looking professional jury and trial scientists — believed that diversity was worth pursuing both as the right thing to do and because it would be beneficial to our clients. They also believed strongly that the support of justice in the courtroom required social justice within our work force. Today, a commitment to diversity has become an integral part of our firm’s identity.

     We believe that a diverse group of trial consultants results in multiple perspectives, richer thinking, and more creative solutions to the challenges our clients face. We believe that when everyone’s ideas and insights are welcomed and valued, our professional trial consulting teams move more quickly to the right solution.

     We also believe that a commitment to diversity has generated a culture of mutual respect throughout our firm. The members of our entire professional team have a mutual respect for each other. We genuinely like working together, which offers a powerful benefit to clients. Our turnover rate is lower than many comparable firms, which ultimately translates into stable, enduring relationships with clients. Moreover, the culture at The Advocates fosters a team approach to client challenges, leveraging our collective knowledge and experience to generate better, more cost-effective solutions.

     Finally, a diverse team of trial consultants reflects the diversity of the real world of the courtroom and the legal system as a whole, clearly benefiting our ability to advise clients in matters of great importance to them.

     In keeping with our commitment, over the years we have established a formal, firm-wide diversity program. Today, we regularly review the ways in which we demonstrate our commitment to diversity. We provide diversity awareness training to trial consultants and staff throughout the firm.

Equal Employment & Affirmative Action Policy

      It is the policy of The Advocates to provide equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees. We do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, ethnic or national origin, age, disability (including people infected with HIV or people with AIDS), veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, domestic partner status, weight, height, association with people protected under this policy, or in retaliation for opposition to any practices forbidden under this policy.

     This policy applies to all areas of employment including recruiting, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfer, and social and recreational programs. It also includes the provision that no employee shall harass any other employee on any of the bases listed above. If harassment is established, the offender, including principals of the firm, will be disciplined up to and including discharge.


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