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     We are honored to assist trial attorneys and clients throughout the media sector, including both traditional and online media. Our clients include Internet service providers, web site designers, print and online media outlets, television and radio broadcasters, cable and satellite broadcasters and advertising agencies.

     Our work for them has involved a wide range of disputes relating to traditional as well as technologically advanced media issues. With respect to traditional media companies such as television and radio print firms, our work has been primarily related to libel allegations, fair trade practices, royalty payments, invasion of privacy, courtroom access, employment, and other matters.

     With respect to on-line media our work has related to the establishment of Web sites, developing and licensing content (including use in both static and dynamic media), syndicating content among online service providers, as well as issues specifically raised by interactivity, e-commerce, rights clearance (including web-casting rights), privacy and other existing and proposed governmental regulations, and other issues unique to the online environment.

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