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  • Automotive

  •      - Airbag and passive restraint
         - Brakes (including ABS)
         - Crashworthiness
         - Multi-piece rims and wheels
         - Park-to-reverse
         - Post collision fires
         - Rollovers
         - Seat belts
         - Stability and handling
         - Unwanted acceleration
  • All terrain vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Food products
  • Hand tools
  • Household chemicals/appliances
  • Industrial machines
  • Medical devices
  • Recreational equipment
  • Toys
  • Tractors and agricultural equipment
  • Trucks

     Our work for them has involved a wide range of litigation matters involving intellectual property (patent infringement, copyright, trade secret, and trademark), unfair trade practices, product liability, employment, business torts, and many others.

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