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                Conveying a Powerful Theme: The Secret to Inspiring
                      Judges, Jurors and Arbitrators


                Acts of Meaning
by Jerome Bruner
                American Indian Myths and Legends
by Richard Erdoes and
Alfonso Ortiz
                Courtroom Psychology and Trial Advocacy
by Richard C. Waites
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                The Hero With a Thousand Faces

by Joseph Campbell

                The Nicomachean Ethics

by Aristotle
(Translated – Oxford World’s Classics)

                The Power of Myth

by Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers

                Product Liability: Winning Strategies
                              & Techniques

by Richard J. Heafey and
Don M. Kennedy

                Punitive Damages: How Juries Decide

by Cass R. Sunstein, Reid Hastie,
John W. Payne, and David Schkade

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