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Mock Jury Trial Study

  • Accurate and reliable
  • Gain powerful insights into likely juror perceptions
  • Study any aspect of a case
  • Useful to prepare for discovery or trial
  • 100ís of formats and designs
  • Flexible for any budget
Why Our Mock Jury Trial Studies Are So Powerful

Our mock jury trial studies are simply the most reliable, accurate, revealing, and cost-effective than any of the other national trial consulting firms.

The Advocatesí mock jury trial research study service is the most reliable tool available in the United States to help you accurately evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a case with respect to liability and damages issues, while at the same time, providing you with the most powerful recommendations for successful trial strategy. Our mock jury trial study formats utilize the most reliable and creative research techniques known in the fields of psychology and social science in addition to state-of-the-art electronic presentation, private observation, and response monitoring equipment.

The Advocates has become the nationís leading jury and trial consulting firm for many reasons. One of the reasons is that all of our senior trial consultants are trained and have many years of experience in trial advocacy and reliable scientific jury research of all types. This special training makes our perspective unique and more helpful to you than the limited perspective of our competitors.

We listen to you carefully to determine how we can best serve you. Afterwards, we draw upon our 30 years of experience, knowledge, and resources to put together mock jury trial research studies that will satisfy you every time.

Our written reports are considered by successful trial attorneys and corporate counsel to be more helpful and thorough than those of our competition because they are written by the most experienced trial consultants in our profession. We can provide you with reliable and useful suggestions for the development and presentation of your most powerful case based upon scientific study of likely juror perceptions in your case.

We can provide dependable answers to such questions as:

  • How will the jury perceive the issues and the evidence in the case?
  • What are our most persuasive themes and case story?
  • What is the best way to deal with the weaknesses in our case?
  • What is the best way to simplify our case?
  • What questions about the facts will be important to likely jurors?
  • How can our fact and expert witnesses tell the truth more effectively?
  • How can we improve our demonstrative aids?
  • Who is our ideal juror and what is our best jury selection strategy?
One of the most important questions when making decisions about trial preparation is, "What will a jury think?" We cannot predict exact verdicts with certainty. However, we can approximate the range of a likely verdict and we can obtain clear impressions and perceptions of likely jurors about the issues, the fact and expert witnesses, demonstrative evidence, and attorney presentation in the case using state-of-the-art scientific jury research techniques, such as a mock jury trial study.

We have many years of experience in designing jury research studies that will reveal important reliable and useful information about how a jury is likely to view the issues and evidence in the case. Based upon this reliable information, we can provide the trial team and client with creative and powerful approaches to persuading a likely jury in the case.

We believe that every jury in America wants to do the right thing and make decisions that are fair and just. We also believe that you as a litigant have the right to make use of the most advanced sources of scientific information in the process of developing a successful case presentation strategy.

About The Advocates

We are the nation's most experienced and successful team of professional trial consultants and jury consultants. Our firm offers you a powerful array of resources that can insure your best chance to prevail in litigation regardless of the venue or issues involved. We offer you the assistance of more than 40 highly skilled professional people, including 23 jury consultants and trial consultants in 17 office locations in major cities within the United States.

Our reputation over the past 30 years has been built on a solid foundation of helping trial attorneys and corporate counsel like you achieve your goals of reliably and accurately assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your litigation cases and successfully persuading judges, juries and arbitrators in trial and arbitration.

The success of The Advocates can be traced to one principle: We provide creative and reliable solutions to litigation problems that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We Are Accessible and Convenient

Our professional staff members live near our offices and also work in all venues in the United States. We are accessible to you wherever you live or wherever your litigation takes you. Our offices are located in Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), Dallas (Texas), Denver (Colorado), Fort Worth (Texas), Houston (Texas), Jacksonville (Florida), Los Angeles (California), Miami (Florida), New York (New York), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Phoenix (Arizona), San Diego (California), San Francisco (California), Tampa (Florida), Washington (D.C.), and West Palm Beach (Florida).

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