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     The members of our trial consulting team are specially trained in applying knowledge and research methods in the fields of psychology and communications to enhance the effectiveness of trial advocacy both in the courtroom and outside the courtroom. Each of them are nationally recognized for their contributions in the fields of law, psychology, and communications.

Jim Emshoff, Ph.D. Clinical & Trial Psychology
Tony Greisinger, Ph.D. Behavioral Science & Trial Psychology
Leslie Kanter, J. D., Ph.D. Trial Advocacy & Trial Psychology
Joan Kellerman, J.D., Ph.D. Trial Advocacy & Trial Psychology
Jan Larson, J.D., Ph.D. Trial Advocacy & Trial Psychology
Alice Singer, Ph.D. Social & Trial Psychology
Richard Waites, J.D., Ph. D.
Trial Advocacy & Trial Psychology
Curt Wills, Ed.D.
Clinical & Forensic Psychology
Cynthia Zarling, Ph.D.
Clinical & Forensic Psychology
Lisette Garcia, Ph.D.
Experimental, Social, and Trial Psychology
Nancy Eisenhardt - Wenning, M.S.
Trial Advocacy & Trial Psychology
Betina Baumgarten, J.D.
Witness & Attorney Courtroom Image Consultant
Nicole Dell´┐┐Ario M.S.
Clinical & Trial Psychology
Helen Edmondson, M.S.W., A.C.S.W.
Clinical, Social & Trial Psychology
Jim Lawrence, J.D., M.A.
Communication, Trial Advocacy, Education Psychology

Geoffrey Tudor, J.D., M.S.

Trial Advocacy & Trial Psychology
Connie Zeller, J.D.
Trial Advocacy & Research Operations


      The Advocates is pleased to provide financial and logistical support for a number of professional organizations of which many of our senior trial consultants are members. Among these organizations are:

  • American Bar Association
  • American Health Lawyers Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Psychology - Law Society
  • American Society of Trial Consultants
  • Association of Corporate Counsel
  • Defense Research Institute
  • National Institute for Trial Advocacy
  • Various state and local bar associations and societies


     The Advocates' Roundtable is our proprietary think tank. The primary mission of the Roundtable is to develop new and innovative ideas for providing assistance to trial advocates.

     The members of The Advocates' Roundtable include psychologists, sociologists, attorneys, scientific researchers, and other professionals who are pre-eminent in the field of jury research and trial advocacy in the United States. Members of The Advocates' Roundtable often work side-by-side with regular members of our staff to augment the creativity for which our firm is known.

     The Roundtable has also been expanded to allow our clients to benefit from the extraordinary experience and knowledge of the members of the Roundtable in prescheduled teleconferences designed to brainstorm powerful ideas for winning a particular case. This service of The Advocates is especially helpful to trial attorneys and their clients who need reliable ideas immediately that can be used right away in the course of developing and presenting a case for the courtroom or for mediation.

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